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Lifelike Prop Bodies

Dapper Cadaver manufactures two major types of lifelike prop bodies: deluxe bodies and budget bodies.

Deluxe Bodies - Highly detailed lifecast bodies with rubber skin and a semi-flexible foam core. Bodies are cast in durable flesh-toned foam, trimmed and detailed. They come with poseable arms. Choose the skin tone on the product page. Jointed shoulders can be added by request. They weigh between 20-30 lbs each. We also offer Unpainted & Untrimmed Deluxe Body kits. These come unpainted and untrimmed.

Budget Bodies - Anatomical bodies cast in lightweight white foam with no rubber skin. They are not trimmed or painted. You must trim them yourself and they can be painted with latex, acrylic, spray paint or airbrush paint. They weigh about 15 lbs each.

If you need a wounded body, check out our Gory & Bloody Corpse Props. If you need a customized body (i.e. wig, standing armature), check out our Custom Bodies page. If you need a specific wound or any other modification, please contact us. We love doing custom work!