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NOTE: Due to seasonal demand, listed body parts & butcher shop props are taking 5 business days to manufacture and bodies are taking 7 business days to manufacture. Please call us at (818) 771-0818 to place large orders.

Custom Props

At Dapper Cadaver, we love working with clients to bring their visions to life. Our in-house artists can help you take your idea from concept to sketch to item. In the past, we have produced custom bodies, haunt characters, mummies, body parts, skeletons, headstones, animal props and blood for clients.

We can also special order items from our network of vendors, including large props and high volume orders. We have ordered thousands of skulls and bones for client projects in the past. 

Contact us at info@dappercadaver.com or call (818) 771-0818 for a quote on creating custom props for your project.