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8 Piece Dinosaur Bone Combo


Product Description

All our most popular Dinosaur and Ice Age Animal props are gathered together into one incredible combo. Instantly turns any room, set, or party into a museum of prehistoric life.


Combo Includes:

1 Extra Large Display Piece - Measure at least 6 feet long! Pictured: Velocirpator Statue.

Other Options are T Rex skull with Stand and Allodesmus Fossil, and more.


2 Large Display Pieces - Each measuring 3-4 feet long. Pictured: Young T Rex Skull and Allosaurus Skull.

Other Options are Mammoth Skull, Velociraptor Fossil, and more.


1 Extra Large Dinosaur Bones - Anywhere from 2 feet long to 6 feet long. Pictured: Bronto Femur.

Other Options include: Chasmosaurus pelvis, Chasmosaurus Femur, Chasmosaurus Tail, Albertosaurus foot, Cave Bear Skull and Spine.


2 Assorted Large Bones - Pictured: Giant Sloth Vertebrae and Camel Femur.

Options include giant sloth ribs,  Albertosaurus arm, giraffe vertebrae, elephant foot, Albertosaurus jaw, and more.


2 Medium Skulls - Pictured: Uintatherium and Gigantocamel.

Options Include Raptor, Archaeotherium, Aphelops, and more.


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