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8 Piece Dinosaur Bone Combo

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    All our most popular Dinosaur and Ice Age Animal props are gathered together into one incredible combo. Instantly turns any room, set, or party into a museum of prehistoric life.


    This prop set makes a great rental item! Rent the dinosaur bone combo for $800 for one week. All Dapper Cadaver Props are available for rental.



    Combo Includes:

    1 Extra Large Display Piece - Measure at least 6 feet long! Pictured: Velocirpator Statue.

    Other Options are T Rex skull with Stand and Allodesmus Fossil, and more.


    2 Large Display Pieces - Each measuring 3-4 feet long. Pictured: Young T Rex Skull and Allosaurus Skull.

    Other Options are Mammoth Skull, Velociraptor Fossil, and more.


    1 Extra Large Dinosaur Bones - Anywhere from 2 feet long to 6 feet long. Pictured: Bronto Femur.

    Other Options include: Chasmosaurus pelvis, Chasmosaurus Femur, Chasmosaurus Tail, Albertosaurus foot, Cave Bear Skull and Spine.


    2 Assorted Large Bones - Pictured: Giant Sloth Vertebrae and Camel Femur.

    Options include giant sloth ribs,  Albertosaurus arm, giraffe vertebrae, elephant foot, Albertosaurus jaw, and more.


    2 Medium Skulls - Pictured: Uintatherium and Gigantocamel.

    Options Include Raptor, Archaeotherium, Aphelops, and more.


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