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Cast Ashley Skull

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    This extremely slender and feminine skull was believed to be a female skull by three separate skull experts until a visiting Forensic Anthropologist stopped by the shop and determined it is actually most likely male. The skull features the small cheekbones, slender jawline, and high vaulted cranium most associated with females, however barely noticeable ridges on the ramus of the jaw as well as unusually large brow and occipital bun for a female indicate this is a male skull, although even fleshed out the person would have had very slender and feminine features. The pointed and projecting nasal vault, narrow nasal base, brow line, and occipital bun clearly indicate Ashley is a Caucasian. However the angle of the upper jaw from the face indicates a small degree of Asian or African derived features. Dental remains indicate Ashley was middle aged.

    After the analysis of the forensic anthropologist we checked again with the source of the original specimen, who confirmed it was a female Caucasian. She was a 66 year old Caucasian female that died
    from ovarian cancer. She donated her body to science. They receive the severed head with medical documentation confirming age, sex and cause of death. They receive
    the head intact meaning it was still a complete head with nothing removed. They have to remove/skin the human head in order to prepare.

    Ashley is a highly detailed lifecasting of the real specimen.

    Race: Caucasian

    Gender: Female

    Age: 66

    Condition: see above.

    Bone Finish: Bleach White. Other finishes available upon request.

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