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Complete Sideshow Ten-in-One


Product Description

Everything you need to create your own Sideshow Ten-in-One or Museum of Oddities. Call (818) 771-0818 or email customcorpse@yahoo.com to place your order. Traditional 10 in 1's actually featured 11 curiosities, and so does ours. Included- 1. One full size feegee mermaid or chupacabra 2. One Unusual or mummified head, such as the Jack Mummy Head, Judith Mummy head, Maori Tattoo head, or mummified vampire head, or head in jar. 3. One abnormal skull - such as a Dayak engraved skull, a Peruvian pinhead skull, a gunshot skull, or modern primitive. 4. 10 assorted replica specimen jars 5. two headed something - such as a two headed cat skeleton or taxidermy two headed parrot. 6. Mummified hand of glory or mummified monkeys paw 7. shrunken head 8. small cryptid - such as the fetal dragon or little feegee mermaid 9. cryptid fossil - such as the dragon fossil or bigfoot print 10. vintage autopsy instrument or leech jar 11. Bonus Item!

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