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Dadunesgi Creature


Product Description

The Dadunesgi creature is a conjurer spirit that belong to a mythical Cherokee race similar to elves. These were little people, ours is about 7" tall, with magical powers who could be helpfull, mischievious, or malicious. This Dadunesgi has sharp teeth for "biting the jugulars of the enemy horses and heel tendons of the warriors," as in the legends.


This one was originally created for a Cherokee magic show. We were given the following history for it.



"The story behind what you are making:
It's one of the Little People of the Cherokee. Our history shows that there is a mountain in Cherokee North Carolina where for years was thought to be haunted. Voices were heard whispering from within, heard by anyone who walked on it. Lightening struck the side of the mountain, opening a cave. It was said that thousands of these creatures flooded out, freed from their captivity. Like the movie 'Gremlins', the Little People harrassed and played cruel pranks on the Cherokee, including stealing children and slaughtering animals. Finally, a truce was made when the Cherokees Shaman and Conjurers spoke to them. Agreeing to share each others magic and knowledge, the Little People became helpful spirits, a type of 'guardian angel' to families blessed enough to have one dwell in their home, in exchange for food and knowledge. When the removal of the Cherokees happened, some stayed behind in the mountains, some travelled with them to Oklahoma.

"Uncle Billy" who was said to be one of the last to have one of the little people as a helper. The legend states that once he had a photo taken of him, by a newspaper. He insisted on posing next to an empty stool. When the photo was developed, there was the creature standing on the stool next to Billy, mimicking his pose. It was said that he walked to his patients houses at night, with no lantern, but a strange glowing orb followed him, lighting his path. This was the little person, guiding him.
Billy Washington died in the 1930's. The little people however, are immortal. They live on, looking for another one worthy of their help, to those who are worthy in helping their tribe. The story ends with people saying they can still see the orbs bouncing along the old roads he used to walk, a 'ghost light' that is supposed to be that little person, looking for a new companion."

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