Dura Body Training Manikins

Training manikins made with high strength and detail dura rubber filled with polyurethane foam treated with flame retardant for safety.
45 results
Standing Dura Richard Body
Dura Lucy Body
Dura Lucy Body
$ 1,430.00
Dura Jack Body
Dura Jack Body
$ 1,430.00
Dura Meredith Cadaver Body
Dura Jessica Body
Dura Jessica Body
$ 1,430.00
Dura David Standing Body
Dura  Bomb Alan Dummy
Dura Slash Wound Alan Half Anatomical Dummy
Dura Tony Victim Dummy
Dura Severe Trauma Jack Body
Dura Gunshot Gary Body
Dura David Standing Body with Dreads
Dura Shot and Slashed Gary Body
Dura Bomb Burn Jack Body
Dura Knife Wound Jack Body
Dura Barb Wire Jack Body
Dura Alan Half Anatomical Dummy
Dura Gunshot Alan Half Anatomical Dummy
Dura Crash Meredith Dummy
Dura Gunshot Joe Half Anatomical Dummy
Dura Child Body Prop with Gunshot Wounds
Dura Gunshot Agatha Body
Dura Gunshot Ben Body
Dura Lucy Half Anatomical Dummy
Standing Dura Frank Body
Standing Dura Joe Body
Dura Severe Trauma Ben Body
Dura Gunshot Judith Victim Dummy
Dura Gunshot Gary Victim Dummy
Dura Autopsy Jack Cadaver Body
Dura Meredith Complete Autopsy Body
Dura Wounded Meredith
Dura Jack Body with Dismembered Legs
Dura Severe Trauma Lucy Body
Dura Severe Trauma Jessica Body
Dura Bomb Edith Body
45 results