Gory Bodies & Body Parts

Our gory bodies and fake body parts range from realistic enough to be terrifying in broad daylight to bloody enough to scare in low-light situations. These prop bodies and body parts are great for horror productions, haunted houses and Halloween. If you are interested in a custom gory body prop, contact us for a quote.
194 results
Dura Hanging Gutted Agatha
Gordo Half Zombie
Gordo Half Zombie
$ 1,130.00
Miss Meat Face Body
Miss Meat Face Body
$ 1,065.00
Deluxe Wounded Jessica Body with Parts
Autopsy Meredith Body with Hidden Chamber
Frozen Agatha Hanging Body
Gutted Sonia Body
Gutted Sonia Body
$ 1,050.00
Autopsy Organs Jack Body
Standing Dahlia Body
Heartless Meredith Sitting Body
Deluxe Dismembered Body
Hog-Tied Oscar Dangler Dummy
Skinned Luttra Dangler Body
Slash Wound Jack Body
Plague Alan Half Anatomical Dummy
Slashed Floyd Half Anatomical Dummy
Slashed Alan Half Anatomical Dummy
Dangler Meredith Dummy
Dangler Joe Dummy
Dangler Full Oscar
Gory Autopsy Jack Body
Split Meredith
Split Meredith
$ 915.00
Split in Half Martin 2 pc
Gutted Chopped Kristina
Gory Autopsy Ben Body
Hanging Gutted Pig
Brainfood Ben Sitting Figure
Mouth Gag Martin Figure
Hanging Captive Agatha Body
Trepanation Agatha Figure
Dental Horror Agatha Figure
Dental Tortured Mary Figure
Dental Attack Zack Figure
Chopped Joan Body
Smashed Meredith Body
Chopped Meredith
Chopped Meredith
$ 865.00
194 results