Haunt Show Sale

These are in stock haunt products made for our TransWorld Halloween & Attractions show booth. They are available to ship the week of April 20th when we return to regular shop operations in accordance with the LA Safer-At-Home order.

Save 20% on these props with coupon code SAVE20 through April. One use per client. Sole discount. No custom. 

Thank you to everyone who has reached out to buy booth products already. To see all of our new products, check out our full Haunted House & Escape Room Props section. We've sorted all of our categories to show the newest products first. Thank you for your business and support!

37 results
Roasted Raymond Torso - Stock
Lauren Head - Stock
Blood Pool with Replica Scalpels - Stock
Zombie Zack Head - Stock
Splatter Agatha Arms - Stock
Malice Vampire Head - Stock
Ben Head - Stock
Ben Head - Stock
$ 150.00
Gunshot Gary Head - Stock
May Head - Stock
May Head - Stock
$ 150.00
Grave Digger Edgar Figure - Stock
Hanging Captive Agatha Body - Stock
Plague Alan Half Anatomical Dummy - Stock
Bang Clown Floyd Photo Op - Stock
Hog-Tied Oscar Dangler Dummy - Stock
Lich Head - Stock
Dura Martin Head with Lettering - Stock
Poseable Soft-Flex Kevin Half Arms - Stock
Lifesize Brain, Silicone Rubber - Stock
Cadaver Torso Skin - Stock
Split Jack Legs - Stock
Zombie Torso Skin - Stock
Burn Kemmler Head - Stock
Gore Pool Steiner Head - Stock
Henry Head - Stock
Blood Pool Drips and Drops - Stock
Dragged Blood Pool - Stock
Poseable Silicone Robust Hands - Stock
Nick Severed Hand - Stock
Resin Blood Pools - Two 8 Inch Pools - Stock
Mini Blood Pools Collection - 10" x 7" - Stock
Bloody Footprints Pair - Stock
Blood Pool with Teeth - Stock
Prop Tongue - Stock
Toe Tag
Toe Tag
$ 1.00
Dapper Cadaver Shotglass
Vintage Labels Sheet
37 results