New Props & Decor

New Dapper Cadaver props and decor for 2019, including some redesigns of favorites. Check back frequently as we work on new additions to our line!
190 results
Dura Non-Identifiable Jack Body
Zoe Zombie Figure
Elderly Agnes Value Figure
Slit Throat Stacy Value Figure
Phoebe Value Figure
Crushed Carmen Value Figure
Zoe Zombie Head
Zoe Zombie Head
$ 150.00
Autopsy Organs Jack Body
Silicone Pancreas Prop
Mouth Gag Martin Figure
Soft-Flex Umbilical Cord Prop
Dura Frank Body
Dura Frank Body
$ 1,490.00
Sleeping Sam Softflex Baby Prop
Silicone Tongue
Silicone Tongue
$ 30.00
Articulated Soft-flex Nick Half Leg
Silicone Liver  Prop
Silicone Stomach Prop
Split Jack Legs
Split Jack Legs
$ 395.00
Dura Kelly Leg Prop
Silicone Kelly Leg Prop
Silicone Brain Chunks Prop
Patchwork Agatha Photo Op
Dura Distal Laceration Kevin Hand
Dura Severe Trauma Jessica Body
Dura Severe Trauma Lucy Body
Dura Jack Body with Dismembered Legs
Edweird Clipperhands Figure
Skull Head Ben Figure
Dura Gunshot Gary Figure
Boris Figure
Boris Figure
$ 795.00
Silicone and Wood Poseable Burn Dummy
Dura  Blunt Force Trauma Mary Head
Dura Autopsy Alan Dummy with Silicone Guts
Drown Sonia Body
Drown Sonia Body
$ 1,050.00
Dura-Flex Burnt Alan Dummy
190 results