New Props & Decor

New Dapper Cadaver props and decor for 2019, including some redesigns of favorites. Check back frequently as we work on new additions to our line!
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Meat Torso Skin
Meat Torso Skin
$ 135.00
Alan Head with Beard
Norman Head with Beard
2 Pc Burnt Limb Combo
Cannibal Baking Tray
Dura David Peeled Face Skin
Dura Gunshot Ben Body
Dead Nick Half Arms
Dead Nick Half Arms
From $ 60.00
Deluxe Toddler Prop
Dental Horror Agatha Figure
Dental Horror Agatha Dangler
Dental Horror Olly Dangler
Dura Nick Half Legs
Dura Nick Half Legs
From $ 125.00
Frozen Norman Sitting Figure
Dura Child Body Prop with Gunshot Wounds
Hanging Skinned Goat Head
Severed Horse Head Prop - Special Order
Dura Radiation Burn Jerry Half Arms
Blood Pool with Replica Bonesaw
Blood Pool Drips and Drops
Joaquin Zombie Arms
Joaquin Zombie Arms
From $ 80.00
Zombie Torso Skin
Swaddled Infant Prop
Gore Pool Martin Head
Tentacle Prop
Tentacle Prop
$ 50.00
Nick Foot Prop
Nick Foot Prop
From $ 70.00
Goatee Tony Severed Head
Burnt Norman Head
Hanging Henry Figure
Freaky Harold Head
Dura Gunshot Joe Half Anatomical Dummy
Dura Crash Meredith Dummy
Small Texas Longhorn Skull Replica
Standing Dura Lucy Body
Scorpion with Jewel Beetles Insect Mount
Sold Out
Dura Norman Value Figure
200 results