New Props & Decor

New Dapper Cadaver props and decor for 2019, including some redesigns of favorites. Check back frequently as we work on new additions to our line!
190 results
Goatee Tony Severed Head
Burnt Norman Head
Hanging Henry Figure
Freaky Harold Head
Dura Gunshot Joe Half Anatomical Dummy
Dura Crash Meredith Dummy
Standing Dura Lucy Body
Dura Norman Value Figure
Meat Skull Harvey
Red Bride Prop
Red Bride Prop
$ 925.00
Dura Alan Half Anatomical Dummy
Silicone Large Intestine
Dura Barb Wire Jack Body
Dura Knife Wound Jack Body
Christmas Krampus Wrath Head
Dura Martin Arm with Gunshot Through and Through
Dura Bomb Burn Jack Body
Dura Shot and Slashed Gary Body
Festering Swollen Hand
Poseable Preschool Girl Child Figure
Poseable Standing Girl Child Figure
Frozen Boris Head
Frozen Hugo Leg
Frozen Hugo Leg
$ 135.00
Hanging Sack Body
Boris Cadaver Head with Mustache
Dura Gunshot Gary Body
Dimwat the Dirty Clown Head
Extra Large Gel Rubber Tongue
Boiled Agatha Head in Pot
Shark Attack Bikini Betty Hanging Photo-Op
Frozen Jessica Head
Frozen Tony Head
Frozen Tony Head
$ 250.00
Dura Dead Boris Figure
Judith Victim Stunt Dummy
Ripped Wrist Joel Arm
Socko the Clown Head
190 results