New Props & Decor

New Dapper Cadaver props and decor for 2019, including some redesigns of favorites. Check back frequently as we work on new additions to our line!
181 results
2 Pc Burnt Limb Combo
4ft Tall Cyclops Skeleton
Alan Head in a Jar
Alan Head with Beard
Articulated Soft-flex Nick Half Leg
Autopsy Dangler Photo Op
Axed Zack Zombie Figure
BBQ Side of Pig Pair
Ben Head in a Jar
Black Goat Cadaver with Fur
Blood Pool with Replica Bonesaw
Bloody Skeleton
Bloody Skeleton
$ 515.00
Boiled Agatha Head in Pot
Boris Cadaver Bust
Boris Cadaver Head with Mustache
Boris Figure
Boris Figure
$ 795.00
Burnt Norman Head
Cannibal Baking Tray
Casualty Figures Budget Combo
Chopped Joan Body
Christmas Krampus Wrath Head
Clown Head Gary On Spike
Clown Head Olly On Spike
Dead Nick Half Arms
Dead Nick Half Arms
From $ 60.00
Deluxe Agatha Body
Deluxe Toddler Prop
Dental Attack Zack Figure
Dental Horror Agatha Dangler
Dental Horror Agatha Figure
Dental Horror Child Figure
Dental Horror Olly Dangler
Dental Horror Preschool Child Figure
Dental Tortured Mary Figure
Dimwat the Dirty Clown Head
Doctor Lich Zombie Figure
181 results