New Props & Decor

New Dapper Cadaver props and decor for 2019, including some redesigns of favorites. Check back frequently as we work on new additions to our line!
190 results
Zombie Monkey
Zombie Monkey
$ 550.00
Zoe Zombie Head
Zoe Zombie Head
$ 150.00
Zoe Zombie Figure
Wounded Figures Budget Combo
Voodoo Zombie Joaquin
Voodoo Lich Head
Voodoo Lich Head
$ 250.00
Voodoo Lich Figure
Unpainted Dura Jack Body
Types of Wounds Dura Yong Arm
Trepanation Agatha Figure
Swollen Cadaver Hand
Swaddled Infant Prop
Standing Dura Lucy Body
Split Jack Legs
Split Jack Legs
$ 395.00
Splatters The Clown Figure
Soft-Flex Umbilical Cord Prop
Socko the Scary Clown
Socko the Clown Head
Slit Throat Stacy Value Figure
Slashed Floyd Half Anatomical Dummy
Skull Head Ben Figure
Silicone Tongue
Silicone Tongue
$ 30.00
Silicone Stomach Prop
Silicone Placenta Prop
Silicone Pancreas Prop
Silicone Liver  Prop
Silicone Large Intestine
Silicone Kelly Leg Prop
Silicone Jerry Arms
Silicone Jerry Arms
From $ 195.00
Silicone Brain Chunks Prop
Silicone and Wood Poseable Burn Dummy
Silicone Alan Head
Shark Attack Bikini Betty Hanging Photo-Op
Severed Horse Head Prop - Special Order
190 results