Stock Human Props

These body props, stunt dummies, fake body parts, skeletons and resin blood pools manufactured by Dapper Cadaver are in stock and ready to ship. This collection is updated daily. If an item becomes unavailable due to a conflicting checkout, we will let you know as soon as possible. If you have any questions, please call us at (818) 771-0818. 
25 results
Resin Blood Pools - Two 8 Inch Pools - Stock
Prop Tongue - Stock
Eye with Optic Nerve - Stock
Bloody Footprints Pair - Stock
Blood Pool with Teeth - Stock
Resin Blood Pool - 24 Inch - Stock
Bloody Toe - Stock
Scorched Martin Fist Arm - Stock
Nick Severed Hand - Stock
Human Torso Skin - Stock
Agatha Arms - Stock
Jack Head - Stock
Mini Blood Pools Collection - 10" x 7" - Stock
Nick Half Arms - Stock
Poseable Jerry Half Arms - Stock
Meat Skull Hera - Stock
Deluxe Jack Body Form - Stock
Blood Pool Drips and Drops - Stock
Wounded Mary Head - Stock
1 Dozen Assorted Bones - Stock
Cast Lars Skull - Stock
Nick Half Legs - Stock
Dragged Blood Pool - Stock
Foam Skull Replica in Antique Brown - Stock