Haunted House & Escape Room Props

High quality props and decor for haunted houses, escape rooms and Halloween scenes. We enjoy creating custom props for attractions. Please contact us with any questions or custom requests.

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Puzzle Turner Body
Puzzle Turner Body
$ 1,050.00
Gatorboy Mummy
Gatorboy Mummy
$ 500.00
Drown Surfer Romeo Head
Richard Voodoo Glow Head
Human Torso Skin
Human Torso Skin
From $ 115.00
Splatter Hanging Pig Head
Dangler Bloody Body Part 3 Piece Combo
Splatter Arm & Leg Combo
Safety Wooden Stake
Leech and Parasite Set of 4
Sister DeMonica Head
Set of 2 Leeches
Olly Meat Photo Op
Autopsy Meredith Body with Hidden Chamber
Agatha Meat Photo Op
Human Skin Prop with Custom Lettering
Resin Blood Pools
Resin Blood Pools
From $ 28.00
Mini Blood Pools Collection
Bloody Footprints - Set of 8
Dragged Blood Pool
Dragged Blood Pool
From $ 80.00
Socko the Scary Clown
Clown Head Olly On Spike
Sharky the Clown Character
Giant Evil Clown Face
Vintage Labels Sheet
Medium Human Brain Prop in a Large Specimen Jar
Replica Specimen Jar, Human Heart
Replica Specimen Jar Assortment 10 Pcs
Zombie Ear
Zombie Ear
From $ 12.00
Luttra Legs
Luttra Legs
From $ 135.00
Brainfood Martin Head
Jawless Zombie Martin Character