Haunted House & Escape Room Props

High quality props and decor for haunted houses, escape rooms and Halloween scenes. We enjoy creating custom props for attractions. Please contact us with any questions or custom requests.
Gore Pool Pig Head
Tattooed Nick Severed Hand
Blood Pool with Replica Scalpels
Splatter Agatha Arms
Splatter Agatha Arms
From $ 70.00
Mad Scientist Edgar Figure
Grave Digger Edgar Figure
Standing Dahlia Body
Volga the Witch Prop Head
Bang Clown Floyd Photo Op
Patchwork Betty Photo Op
Heartless Meredith Sitting Body
Dura Martin Head with Custom Lettering
Giant Evil Clown Face
Bang Clown Floyd Photo Op
Jokester The Killer Clown Figure
Flame-O the Freaky Clown Head
Spirit Magic Banner
Sold Out
Decapitation Magic Banner
Sold Out
Judith Head in a Jar
Norman Head in a Jar
Hollow Head  Nell Zombie Head
Putrid Sallow Head
Putrid Holly Head Prop
Putrid Alan Head
Putrid Alan Head
$ 175.00