8 Piece Instrument Combo Rental

$ 45.00
SKU: 4232-RENT

Great starter kit for any surgical scene. More then enough for a tray or mayo stand. Kit includes:

  • Nasal Speculum
  • Tooth Extractor
  • Curved Dam Clamp
  • Muller Fork Retractor
  • Steel Syringe
  • Large Straight Rongeur
  • Piercing Forceps
  • Mosquito Forceps

WARNING: Certain items are inherently dangerous and you assume the risk of all dangers, including serious bodily injury. None of our items are suitable for any medical or scientific purpose.

RENTAL PROP. 1 week rental price is listed. Replacement value is $110. Rental account required. Subject to availability. If you need to rent today or tomorrow, please contact us.