Zombie Make Up Kit

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This makeup kit has what you need for standard zombie makeup. 


  • Zombie Makeup Wheel 1 oz / 30 ml – Warm Honey, Corpse Flesh, Bleached Bone, Deep Yellow, Dark Ebony, and Clotted Red. 
  • ZombieGutz™ 4cc / 0.135 fl oz – The glycerin-based product drips slowly and never dries, giving it a wet look. Great for decay effects.
  • Blood Gel – Blood Gel is a deep red, glycerin-based blood that never dries, giving the look of oozing, wet, thick blood. Washes off easily with soap and water. 
  • Tooth Wax 0.125 oz / 3.5 g. – Make a tooth fully or partially disappear with the black tooth wax.
  • Liquid Latex, Clear – White when wet and crystal clear when dried. 
  • Translucent Pro Setting Powder 
  • Stipple Sponge 
  • 2″ Powder Puff 
  • Non-Latex Foam Wedges 
  • Economy #4 (3/16″) Brush 
  • Full color instructions