Fantasy & Supernatural Props

Looking for fantasy and supernatural props? We have everything, including werewolves, witches, vampires, aliens, voodoo and more.
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Sister DeMonica Figure
Queen Nefertiti Mummy Standing Body
Leech and Parasite Set of 4 - Stock
Temporarily Out
7ft Poseable Boa Snake Prop
Volga Forest Witch Figure
Nell Cursed Witch Figure
Vampire Victim Phoebe Dummy
Malice Vampire Figure
Igor Assistant Figure
Uncle Sam Edgar Figure
Uncle Sam Edgar Head
Mad Scientist Edgar Figure
Grave Digger Edgar Figure
Malice Vampire Head
Edweird Clipperhands Figure
Vampire Nell Mummy With Stake
Half Burnt Severed Vampire Baron Head
Ghost with the Most Prop
Red Bride Prop
Red Bride Prop
$ 925.00
Werewolf Wrath Head
Christmas Krampus Wrath Head
Wounded Mary Value Figure with Feet
Voodoo Lich Figure
Voodoo Lich Figure
$ 1,045.00
King Karnak Standing Mummy Body
Hestor Witch Figure
Clawed Claude Hands
Witch Hestor Prop Head
Goalie Ghoulie Kemmler Figure
Posessed Floyd Figure
Frankenstein Tall Figure
Frankenstein Head
Ghost Mary Figure
Egyptian Mummy Figure
Posessed Wall Hanging Agatha Dummy
Posessed Contortion Lexi Figure
Creepy Edgar Figure
75 results