Scary Clown Props & Circus Decor

Terrify the young and old with scary clowns for your haunted house, escape room or Halloween attraction. Made to order and made in the USA. 

15 results
Socko the Scary Clown
Clown Head Olly On Spike
Sharky the Clown Character
Giant Evil Clown Face
Jokester the Killer Clown Head
Socko the Clown Head
Clown Head Gary On Spike
Stalker Clown Character
Clown Head Luttra on a Spike
Splatters The Clown Figure
Jokester The Killer Clown Figure
Flame-O the Freaky Clown Figure
Quarterwise the Clown Figure
Dimwat the Dirty Clown Head
Bang Clown Floyd Photo Op