Fake Weapons

Buy and rent fake weapons at Dapper Cadaver. Our collection includes faux axes, baseball bats, plastic knives and more.

Sale items are available for 1 week rental with discount code RENTAL (60% off) and a valid rental account. Enter your rental start date in the order notes. 

22 results
Disappearing Knife
Foam Rubber Wrench
Plastic Cleaver
Gray All Foam Fire Axe
Foam Rubber Meat Hook
All Foam Pipe
All Foam Pipe
$ 30.00
Foam Rubber Big League Baseball Bat
All Foam Felling Axe
All Foam Sledgehammer
Chain with Hand Cuffs
Iron Wrist Cuffs
All Foam Fire Axe
Safety Hand Pick
Safety Hand Pick
$ 100.00
Pro-Real Lightweight Shovel Prop
All Foam Claw Hammer
Pro-Real Rubber Wrench
Foam Rubber Crowbar
Safety Spearhead 4pc Combo
Retractable Syringe Prop
Foam Excalibur Sword
Foam Excalibur Sword
$ 20.00 $ 28.00
Foam Pirate Sword
Foam Pirate Sword
$ 20.00 $ 30.00
Plastic Survival Knife Prop