Prop Organs

We have a wide selection of prop organs in lifecast foam filled latex and budget vinyl. Fake brains, hearts, lungs, livers and other organs are available for sale. These are the perfect props for Halloween zombies, cannibals and mad science scenes.
31 results
Small Lifelike Heart
Lifesize Brain, Foam Rubber
Lifesize Lung Pair
8ft Foam Rubber Intestines
Prop Kidney Pair
Small Prop Liver
Budget Vinyl Heart
Brain Prop, medium
Lifelike Human Heart, Large
Complete Interlocking Organ Set
Small Prop Stomach
Large Liver Prop
Veiny Heart
Veiny Heart
$ 70.00
Lungs Pair, large
Silicone Large Intestine
Left Large Lung
Left Large Lung
$ 70.00
Hollow Dura Heart Prop
8ft Flex Intestines
Flex Umbilical Cord Prop
Silicone Tongue
Silicone Tongue
$ 30.00
Solid Prop Intestines
Right Large Lung
Lifesize Heart, Silicone Rubber
Silicone Brain Chunks Prop
Silicone Placenta Prop
Silicone Small Liver Prop
Silicone Stomach Prop
Lifesize Brain, Silicone Rubber
Silicone Pancreas Prop
Flat Backed Organ Set
Female Reproductive Organs