Skeletons, Skulls & Bones

Our high quality prop skeletons, skulls and bone replicas are ideal for Halloween parties, haunted houses, film/TV productions or educational use. Our Halloween skeletons and skull props are crafted with greater attention to detail, heft and weight than others. All human skeletons, skulls and bones are replicas.

13 results
Deluxe Skull and Bones Assortment 25 pcs
Skin and Bones Skeleton
Crime Scene Skeleton
Bleach White
Articulated Infant Skeleton
Disarticulated Skeleton with Cast Skull
Toddler Crime Scene Skeleton
Toddler Skeleton
Toddler Skeleton
$ 495.00
Burnt Skeleton Cadaver
9 Piece Archeological Skeleton
Bloody Skeleton
Bloody Skeleton
$ 515.00
Foam Skull Replica
Open Rib Skeleton