Sideshow & Specimen Replicas

Our replica specimen jars and sideshow props add a creepy vibe to apothecary, circus or laboratory scenes. Build out your cabinet of curiosities with our oddities. Don't see something you're looking for? Just ask us, we may be able to custom make it just for you.
51 results
Vintage Labels Sheet
Medium Human Brain Prop in a Large Specimen Jar
Replica Specimen Jar, Human Heart
Replica Specimen Jar Assortment 10 Pcs
6 Vintage Remedies Bottles
Large Octopus Replica Specimen Jar
Large Realistic Monkeys Paw
Body Parts Shatterproof Specimen Jar Combo
Nerve eye in Jar
Mummified Hand Of Glory
Oddities Shatterproof Specimen Jar Combo
Head in a Jar
Head in a Jar
$ 198.00
Coral Snake Replica Specimen Jar
Small Iguana Replica Specimen Jar
Three Eyed Fetal Skeleton
Vintage Embalming Fluid Bottle
Fetus Replica at 5 months in Specimen Jar
Feejee Mermaid Carnival Banner
Mummified Infant Chupacabra
3 Ft. Feejee Mermaid
Vintage Poison Bottle
Vintage Snake Oil Bottle
Strongman Circus Banner
Circus Tent Banner
Chupacabra Skull
Chupacabra Skull
$ 105.00
Chupacabra Sideshow Banner
Alligator Boy Gaff
Mummified Demon Baby
Two Headed Fetal Pig Specimen Jar
Small Lifelike Heart Apothecary Specimen Jar
Morgan Face Specimen Jar
Circus High-Wire Banner
Vintage Formaldehyde Bottle
Brain Apothecary Specimen Jar
Fetus Replica 7 Month in 64 oz jar
Griffin Skeleton
Griffin Skeleton
$ 347.00
51 results