Holiday Gifts for the Strange & Unusual

Spooky gifts and stocking stuffers for the horror fan or curiosity collector in your life.
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Vintage Labels Sheet
Dapper Cadaver Shotglass
Realistic Rubber Frog
Temporarily Out
Realistic Rubber Scorpion
Orange-Kneed Tarantula
Blue Sugar Skull
Prop Femur
Prop Femur
From $ 16.00
Budget Monkey Skull
Dapper Cadaver Knit Hat
Raven Skull Replica
Temporarily Out
Mini Skull Replica
Day of the Dead Sugar Skull
Sacred Heart Statue
Gold Skull Decor
Classic Brass Round Birdcage - Small
Dapper Cadaver Logo Men's T-Shirt
Dapper Cadaver Logo Women's T-Shirt
Bronze Figure of Pharaoh Shabti
$ 25.00
Gatorhead Skull Decor
Thutmose lll Bust
Moving Eye Spell Book
Clown Skull Decor
Budget Skull Cranium
Unicorn Skull
Unicorn Skull
$ 30.00
Cthulu Skull Decor
Medium Sugar Skull
Decorative Bastet Cat Skull
Decorative Alien Skull
Purple Day of the Dead Decorative Skull
Cast Fetal Skull
Cast Fetal Skull
From $ 35.00
Engraved Voodoo Skull
Tibetan Kapala Skull Replica
Temporarily Out
Cast Hera Skull - Desert Tan
King Tut Bust Statue
Spiked Club
Spiked Club
$ 45.00
65 results