Holiday Gifts for the Strange & Unusual

Spooky gifts and stocking stuffers for the horror fan or curiosity collector in your life.
77 results
3ft Articulated Skeleton
6 Vintage Remedies Bottles
Apothecary Leech Jar
Aztec Carved Human Skull
Bear Skull
Bear Skull
$ 80.00
Black & White Ombre Trees
Bronze Figure of Pharaoh Shabti
Budget Monkey Skull
Cast Fetal Skull
Cast Fetal Skull
From $ 35.00
Cast Hera Skull - Desert Tan
Circus High-Wire Banner
Circus Tent Banner
Cthulu Skeleton
Cthulu Skeleton
$ 134.00
Dapper Cadaver Knit Hat
Dapper Cadaver Logo Men's T-Shirt
Dapper Cadaver Logo Women's T-Shirt
Dapper Cadaver Shotglass
Dark Stone Bust of Tut Statue
Decorative Alien Skull
Decorative Bastet Cat Skull
Decorative Fortune Teller Palm
Dire Wolf Skull
Dire Wolf Skull
$ 99.00
Dire Wolf Skull Pendant Necklace
Dragon Skull
Dragon Skull
$ 230.00
Engraved Voodoo Skull
Feejee Mermaid Carnival Banner
Felt Witch Hat Ornament
Fetal Skeleton Replica
Fetal Skeleton Replica
From $ 75.00
Fossil Archaeopteryx Pendant Necklace
Fossil Dragonfly Pendant Necklace
Fossil Trilobite Pendant Necklace
Future Haunter Kids T-Shirt
Gatorhead Skull Decor
Gift Card
Gift Card
From $ 25.00
Glam Pumpkin Ornament Set
Great Blue Heron Skull Pendant Necklace
77 results