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Sales, Rentals & Manufacturing. Worldwide Shipping.

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Here are our current estimated turnaround times for manufactured goods. Last updated 05/17/24.

Product Type Turnaround Time
Bodies & Torsos 8-10 Weeks
Fake Body Parts 6-8 Weeks
Sides of Beef, Full Pigs & Goats 8-10 Weeks
Other Butcher Shop Props 6-8 Weeks
Seamless Skeletons, Painted Skulls & Painted Bones 4-6 Weeks
Sideshow Oddities 6-8 Weeks
Specimen Jars 6-8 Weeks
Resin Blood Pools 4-6 Weeks


Our estimated manufacturing times vary seasonally and may change according to current demand. Please check this page each time you place an order for manufactured goods. Large orders are subject to custom quotes on turnaround time.

Rush manufacturing is often available for an additional fee. Please call (818) 771-0818 to place a rush order or if you have a concern about a project deadline.