Science Decor

29 results
Aspirating Syringe
Ratchet Mouth Gag
Large Steel Syringe
Neural Pinwheel
Enamel Instrument Tray
Curved Dam Clamp
Mosquito Forceps
Crime Scene Tape
Tooth Extractor
Tooth Extractor
$ 14.00
Precision Cutter
Muller Fork Retractor
Crime Scene Set
Piercing Forceps
Lister Bandage Scissors
Iris Scissors
Iris Scissors
$ 2.00
Alligator Forceps
Butcher Apron - Ankle Length Rubberized Canvas
Barr Retractor
Barr Retractor
$ 27.00
Nasal Speculum
50ml Revolver Pistol Syringe
Large Straight Rongeur
Curved Rongeur
Curved Rongeur
$ 43.00
40 Piece Labware and Glassware Assortment
Large Pharmacy Leech Jar
Authentic Medical Straight Jacket
Search and Rescue Portable Stretcher
Dissection Pan
Dissection Pan
$ 35.00
Veterinary Student Surgical Instrument Kit
College Medical Student Dissecting Kit