Wounded Corpse Props

Our wounded corpse props depict a variety of fatal and non-fatal wounds.
56 results
Slash Wound Jack Body
Decapitated Jack Body
Decapitated Victim Dummy
Gunshot Victim Alan Dummy
Decapitated Jessica Body
Gunshot Martin Half Anatomical Dummy
Chopped Jack
Chopped Jack
$ 975.00
Slashed Alan Half Anatomical Dummy
Severe Trauma Ben Body
Rebar Impaled Ben Body
Poseable Shotgun Figure
Wounded Alan Sitting Dummy with Beard
Smashed Face Martin Dummy
Buckshot Belly Jack Body
Gunshot Gary Value Figure
Chopped Meredith
Chopped Meredith
$ 975.00
Gunshot Gary Full Body
Wounded Lucy Half Anatomical Dummy
Dura Slash Wound Alan Half Anatomical Dummy
Buckshot Ben Body
Slashed David
Slashed David
$ 975.00
Slashed Joe
Slashed Joe
$ 975.00
Wounded Full Alan
Dura Gunshot Gary Carry Body
Dura Severe Trauma Jack Body
Dura Gunshot Gary Body
Dura Shot and Slashed Gary Body
Dura Knife Wound Jack Body
Dura Barb Wire Jack Body
Dura Gunshot Alan Half Anatomical Dummy
Dura Crash Meredith Dummy
Dura Gunshot Joe Half Anatomical Dummy
Dura Child Body Prop with Gunshot Wounds
Dura Gunshot Agatha Body
Dura Gunshot Ben Body
Chopped Joan Body
56 results