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Want to make your basic Halloween tombstones look more realistic? Learn how to paint aged tombstones from BJ Winslow, lead propmaker at Dapper Cadaver.

Tombstones Before & After

Tombstone Painting Supplies

  • 1 Headstone
  • Water
  • Cup
  • Spray Bottle
  • Black Spray Paint
  • Rag
  • Brown food coloring (caramel color / tannic acid / acid proof caramel)
  • Color Tex Quarry Spray
  • Color Tex Mossy Spray

Basic Tombstone Supplies

Optional Tombstone Supplies

How to Paint Your Halloween Tombstone - Step by Step

1. Get your tombstone a little wet. Spray on water with the spray bottle. Use a cup to make larger wet spots.

Drop Water

2. Apply some black spray paint to the headstone in light, uneven strokes. Spray more water onto the painted tombstone.

Spray Water

3. Dab up some of the water and paint with a dry cloth. Soak up any excess water.

Dab Headstone

4. Apply some strokes of quarry spray and just a few touches of moss spray for texture.

Quarry Moss Paint

5. Apply brown coloring to the grooves at the top of the tombstone.

Brown Paint Tombstone

6. Assemble your tombstone on its base.

Assemble Tombstone

7. Don't forget to paint the base and the back! Follow the same steps as above. It should be pretty quick to do now that you have the process down: Spray water. Spray black spray paint. Spray more water. Dab. Spray quarry and moss. Drip some brown coloring.

Paint Back

Paint Base

And you are done! You have a creepy aged tombstone ready to add to your Halloween graveyard.

Tombstone Before & After

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