Dura Meredith Complete Autopsy Body

$ 2,775.00
SKU: 7390

Our deluxe anatomical female Meredith body with autopsy incision that can be opened. Cast in high durability "dura-rubber" for long lasting versatility. Inside is a medically accurate and realistic ribcage and removable organs including 2 lungs, 1 heart, 1 liver, 1 stomach, 2 kidneys, and both a "rope" style and a "flat" style intestines. Our autopsy bodies are suitable for use as training dummies in forensic schools. Dapper Cadaver is the manufacturer and sole source of the Anatomical Meredith Bodies, as well as a variety of related simulation bodies and body parts. Our bodies are distinct from other manufacturer's bodies in that they are life cast, and so are incredibly realistic in appearance from major structures such as musculature down to minute details such as skin pores. Our bodies are specifically designed to appear as a convincing dead human being, with or without injury, as opposed to a mannequin-style human stand in. Because of this our bodies are used in training simulations as well as movies and television shows whenever a real corpse is meant to be seen. Our bodies are durable and light weight, averaging 30-40 lbs per body. This makes costuming, transportation, and set up extremely efficient.

Shipping Dimensions: 72" x 24" x 12"

MADE TO ORDER. This item is produced in our workshop. Please check our current manufacturing times. Rush manufacturing is available on a limited basis.