Floating Drown Stacy Full Dummy

$ 850.00
SKU: 7654

Floating Drown Full Dummy Stacy has jointed arms, poseable legs and a flexible waist. When put in the water, squeeze air out of the legs to help them sink. Chest will float. On an actual drown victim first air, then the gasses of decay in the organs will make the chest cavity the center of buoyancy. Drown dummies are constructed similarly, with a foam chest that wants to float. Not guaranteed to float indefinitely. We have tested the dummy in a swamp where it floated for 2 days straight. Prop is made of flesh tone urethane, so the skin tone will remain even if the water affects the detail paint.

MADE TO ORDER - SHIPS IN NOVEMBER. This item is produced in our workshop. Please check our current manufacturing times. Rush manufacturing is available on a limited basis.