Dura Gunshot Agatha Body

$ 1,595.00
SKU: 6027-DR-PL

Lifecast Gunshot Agatha female body features a gunshot entry wound on the back shoulder and exit wound on the front shoulder, gunshot through and through in palm, and entry gunshot entry wound in calf with exit wound on shin. All wounds are critical but not inherently fatal. Great for first responder, tourniquet, or wound packining training. Closed eyes with open mouth in a scream, arms above head. Includes hair and clothing.

Available in budget friendly polyfoam or high-strength, high-detail dura rubber with smooth seams. Dura is recommended for training exercises and other projects that need the prop to withstand regular rough treatment.

Shipping Dimensions: 84" x 24" x 12"

MADE TO ORDER. This item is produced in our workshop. Please check our current manufacturing times. Rush manufacturing is available on a limited basis.