Silicone Rubber Bodies & Parts

These replica bodies and fake body parts are cast in high-detail, flexible silicone. Some pieces are all silicone. Others are filled with polyurethane treated with flame retardant for safety. 
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Poseable Silicone Robust Hands
Silicone Large Intestine
Poseable Slender Silicone Hand Unpainted
Temporarily Out
Silicone Finger Set of 5
Silicone Tongue
Silicone Tongue
$ 30.00
Poseable Silicone Slender Hands
Poseable Robust Silicone Hand Unpainted
Lifesize Heart, Silicone Rubber
Silicone Brain Chunks Prop
Silicone Small Liver Prop
Lifesize Brain, Silicone Rubber
Silicone Placenta Prop
Silicone Stomach Prop
Open Heart Surgery Joe Torso with Removable Silicone Heart
Silicone Pancreas Prop
Silicone Jerry Arms
Silicone Jerry Arms
From $ 195.00
Silicone Kelly Leg Prop
Ethan Silicone Baby Boy Prop
Silicone Alan Head