Stock Animal Props

These animal props are in stock and ready to ship. This collection is updated daily. If an item becomes unavailable due to a conflicting checkout, we will let you know as soon as possible. If you have any questions, please call us at (818) 771-0818. 
23 results
Raven Skull Replica
$ 25.00
Buffalo Jaw Bone
Realistic Rubber Frog
Blue Crab Replica
Water Buffalo Rib Bone
Snake Skeleton, Non-Venomous Snake
Amazon Tree Boa
Amazon Tree Boa
$ 16.00
Medium Octopus
Medium Octopus
$ 14.00
Small Peking Duck Replica
Orange-Kneed Tarantula
Coral Snake
Coral Snake
$ 12.00
Peking Chicken Replica
Macaw Replica Skull
Steer Skull with Bone Horns
Hanging Sausage Rings
Spider Monkey Skull
Horse Skull Replica - Jaw Only
Crow Skull
Crow Skull
$ 57.00
Small Iguana Replica
Desiccated Animal Skull Set
Hanging Serrano Ham
Replica Cat Skeleton