Stock Haunt Props

These haunted house and escape room props manufactured by Dapper Cadaver are in stock and ready to ship. This collection is updated daily. If an item becomes unavailable due to a conflicting checkout, we will let you know as soon as possible. If you have any questions, please call us at (818) 771-0818. 
15 results
Zombie Ear Pair - Stock
Unique Creepy Doll "Frankie"
Wrath Hands in Fleshtone - Stock
Mutilation Chunk - 1 Piece - Stock
10 Pcs Assorted Meat Bones and Mutilation Chunks - Stock
Unique Creepy Doll Pair "Gory Gretel and Horror Hansel"
Unique Creepy Doll "Tricking Trixie"
Unique Creepy Doll "Mutilation Mary"
Unique Creepy Doll "Grave Rising Gloria"
Unique Creepy Doll "Deadly Dancing Dora"
Concentrated UV Glow Dye - Stock
Wounded Mary Head - Stock
Tentacle Prop - Stock
Set of 2 Leeches - Stock
Joaquin Zombie Arms - Stock