Gory Bodies & Body Parts

Our gory bodies and fake body parts range from realistic enough to be terrifying in broad daylight to bloody enough to scare in low-light situations. These prop bodies and body parts are great for horror productions, haunted houses and Halloween. If you are interested in a custom gory body prop, contact us for a quote.
193 results
Dental Horror Child Figure
Dental Horror Preschool Child Figure
Exposed Bone Colin Arm
Mauled David Head
Wounded Lucy Head
Splatter Agatha Head
Headless Hanging Gutted Pig
Mini Blood Pools Collection
Blood Pool with Knife
Blood Pool with Knife
From $ 40.00
Blood Pool on Gravel
Blood Pool on Gravel
From $ 40.00
Melting Molly Head
Meat Hook Olly Head
Hanging Mary Head
Hanging Martin Head
Frozen Agatha Hanging Body
Resin Blood Pool with Medical Instruments
Burnt Molly Head Dangler
Autopsy Oscar Dangler
Half Head Holly Value Figure
Hanging Skinned Luttra Head
Zombie Torso
Zombie Torso
$ 245.00
Hanging Olly Head
Olly Head Impaled on a 5ft Spike
Mauled Audrey Head
Oscar Hanging Meat
Dangler Full Oscar
Hanging Gutted Pig
Burnt Zack Head Dangler
Burnt Dangler Limb Pair
Autopsy Dangler Photo Op
Gutted Sonia Body
Gutted Sonia Body
$ 1,050.00
Autopsy Meredith Body with Hidden Chamber
Muscle Torso Skin
Floyd Head
Floyd Head
$ 195.00
Smashed Oscar Head on Spike
Gory Half Meredith
193 results