Gory Bodies & Body Parts

Our gory bodies and fake body parts range from realistic enough to be terrifying in broad daylight to bloody enough to scare in low-light situations. These prop bodies and body parts are great for horror productions, haunted houses and Halloween. If you are interested in a custom gory body prop, contact us for a quote.
180 results
Exposed Bone Colin Arm
Human Skin Prop with Custom Lettering
Smashed Oscar Head on Spike
Split Martin Bloody Torso
Split in Half Martin 2 pc
Meat Skull Harvey
Hanging Gutted Martin
Hanging Alan Meat
Deluxe Dismembered Body
Chopped Meredith
Chopped Meredith
$ 865.00
Splatter Agatha Arms
Splatter Agatha Arms
From $ 70.00
Splatter Joe Head
Hanging Martin Meat
Hanging Floyd Meat
Headless Hanging Gutted Pig
Wounded Lucy Head
Dura Morgan Peeled Face Skin
Frozen Dangler Limb Pair
Olly Head Impaled on a 5ft Spike
Meat Torso Skin
Meat Torso Skin
$ 135.00
Oscar Hanging Meat
Miss Meat Face Body
Miss Meat Face Body
$ 1,065.00
Slash Wound Jack Body
Gory Half Meredith
Decapitated Jessica Body
Decapitated Jessica Body
From $ 665.00
Dangler Bloody Sonia Leg
Bifurcated Ben Body
Autopsy Dangler Photo Op
Gore Pool Pig Head
Tattooed Nick Severed Hand
Heartless Meredith Sitting Body
Floyd Head
Floyd Head
$ 195.00
Dura Alan Peeled Face Skin
Splatter Judith Head
Slashed Alan Half Anatomical Dummy
Half Head Holly Value Figure
180 results