Gory Fake Body Parts

110 results
Dura Alan Peeled Face Skin
Meat Hook Olly Head
Floyd Head
Floyd Head
$ 175.00
Dangler Bloody Martin Arm
Chasm Clark Head
Chasm Clark Head
$ 175.00
Bruised and Bloody Lucy Legs
Mauled Jessica Head
Flexible Human Skin Prop 12 inch Square
Dura David Peeled Face Skin
Dura Henry Peeled Face Skin
Dura Edith Peeled Face Skin
Burnt Dangler Limb Pair
Male Wounded Leg with Exposed Bone
Trauma Torso Skin
Trauma Torso Skin
From $ 155.00
Skull Head Henry Prop
Large Decomposing Luttra Cadaver Torso
Cadaver Torso Skin
Split Jack Legs
Split Jack Legs
$ 395.00
Roasted Raymond Torso
Splatter Ben Legs
Splatter Ben Legs
From $ 125.00
Wounded Turner Head
Gore Pool Martin Head
Gore Pool Steiner Head
Dura Mary Peeled Face Skin
Dura Joe Peeled Face Skin
Mauled David Head
Creepy Uncle Edgar Meat Hook Head
Gore Pool Deadpan Head
Mauled Lauren Head
Blown Out Carl Head
Blood Splatter Jamie Legs
Splatter Hugo Hand
Bleeding Eyes Carl Head
Split Molly Bloody Torso
Dura Tony Peeled Face Skin
Nell Peeled Face Skin
110 results