New Haunt Props

271 results
Puzzle Turner Body
Puzzle Turner Body
$ 1,050.00
Gatorboy Mummy
Gatorboy Mummy
$ 500.00
Drown Surfer Romeo Head
Richard Voodoo Glow Head
Uncle Sam Edgar Figure
Zoe Zombie Head
Zoe Zombie Head
$ 150.00
Autopsy Organs Jack Body
Romeo Zombie Head
Mouth Gag Martin Figure
Romeo Zombie Figure
Hollow Head  Nell Zombie Head
Putrid Sallow Head
Giant Evil Clown Face
Putrid Holly Head Prop
Mad Scientist Edgar Figure
Grave Digger Edgar Figure
Hanging Captive Agatha Body
Standing Dahlia Body
Bang Clown Floyd Photo Op
Hog-Tied Oscar Dangler Dummy
Patchwork Betty Photo Op
Heartless Meredith Sitting Body
Autopsy Kristina Torso
Dura Martin Head with Custom Lettering
Roasted Raymond Torso
Patchwork Agatha Photo Op
Volga the Witch Prop Head
Malice Vampire Head
Volga the Troll Prop Head
Patchwork Olly Photo Op
Spirit Magic Banner
Temporarily Out
Decapitation Magic Banner
Temporarily Out
Edweird Clipperhands Figure
Putrid Alan Head
Putrid Alan Head
$ 175.00
Skull Head Ben Figure
Vampire Nell Mummy With Stake
271 results