New Workshop Products

See what's new coming out of the Dapper Cadaver workshop!
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Lifecast Skull & Dozen Assorted Bones
Alexis Head with Human Hair Wig and Mounting Hardware
David Head with Human Hair Beard and Mounting Hardware
Richard Head with Mounting Hardware
Alexis Value Figure
May Stunt Figure
May Stunt Figure
$ 995.00
Joan Legs
Joan Legs
From $ 100.00
Rotten  Bloated Arms
Rotten Bloated Arms
From $ 130.00
Poseable Flex Agatha Half Arms
Creepy Edgar Figure
Posessed Contortion Lexi Figure
Posessed Wall Hanging Agatha Dummy
Creepy Edgar Head
Egyptian Mummy Figure
Ghost Mary Figure
Burnt Bernie Figure
Frankenstein Head
Frankenstein Tall Figure
Gunshot Victim Gary Full Dummy
Creepy Uncle Edgar Meat Hook Head
Exposed Bone Gory Coyote
Gore Pool Deadpan Head
Mauled Lauren Head
Posessed Kristina Child Figure
Posessed Floyd Figure
Goalie Ghoulie Kemmler Figure
Meat Hook Molly Head Dangler
Brainfood Glen Dummy
Brainfood Glen Head
Standing Dura Audrey Body
Polyfoam Finger Set
Dura Yong Figure
Dura Yong Figure
$ 1,165.00
Dura Phoebe Figure
Dura Phoebe Figure
$ 1,165.00
Dura Raul Figure
Dura Raul Figure
$ 1,165.00
Standing Luttra Body
Witch Hestor Prop Head
1007 results