New Workshop Products

See what's new coming out of the Dapper Cadaver workshop!
996 results
Jack Torso with Head
Slashed Turner Half Anatomical Dummy
Boris Mummy Prop
Boris Mummy Prop
$ 690.00
Funeral Agnes Figure
Alligator Prop
Alligator Prop
$ 350.00
Evil Nun Hestor Figure
Meat Mummy with Phoebe Head
Juggaletty the Clown Standing Body
Shark Attack Agatha Dangler
Female Reproductive Organs
Child Feet
Child Feet
From $ 60.00
Dismembered Bloody Skeleton
Hanging Beef Tongue Prop
Zack Half Anatomical Dummy
Steiner Wizard Figure
Ghost Girl Child Figure
Lauren Full Dummy
Ben Full Dummy
Ben Full Dummy
$ 795.00
Dura Gunshot Lucy Half Anatomical Dummy
Hanging Pig Quarter
Alexis Head
Alexis Head
$ 200.00
Dura Bomb Burn Gary Body
Hanging Armature Phoebe Figure
Burnt Poseable Richard Figure
Burnt Poseable Jessica Figure
Burnt Poseable Amy Figure
Burnt Poseable Jack Figure
Burnt Poseable Joe Figure
Elderly Agnes Full Dummy
Roasted Goat Head
Alexis Head with Human Hair Wig and Mounting Hardware
David Head with Human Hair Beard and Mounting Hardware
996 results